Top 5 Build Mistakes

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  1. Thermally Constrained Case
    • Beware: Most cases are bad, cook your components to a crisp and will cause crashing.

    • Don’t consider cases that don’t have an open mesh front panel. The reason most pre-built gaming systems die young is because of a closed-off or glass front panel.
    • If it looks thermally constrained, it is and should be avoided.
    • If you’re stuck with a thermally constrained case like almost any NZXT before Flow series, I can modify your front panel and get your thermals in check, just submit a ticket or text.
      • TOP PICKS
        • Phanteks G300A
        • Corsair 4000D Airflow
        • Fractal Pop Air
        • NZXT H5 Flow

  2. Inadequate CPU Cooler
    • Air coolers are fine for non-X and non-K CPUs
    • Don’t consider CPU air coolers for X and K CPU
      • Due to increasingly hot neighboring components, even if you get decent temps they still heat soak the rest of your neighboring components which can be avoided entirely with water cooling.
    • Water cooling has the advantage of significantly higher thermal mass as well as dispersion of heat away the other hot neighboring components.
    • Budget $109-$200 for a good 280/360/420 AIO.
  3. Inadequate Case Fan Quantity and/or Orientation
  4. Improperly Wired GPU
    • Your power supply includes at least two PCIE power cables.
    • Use one entire cable for each power connector on your GPU.
    • Do not use the pigtail connector on each PCIE power cable.
      • See photo below for example.

  5. Improperly Installed M.2 SSD
    • Your motherboard includes the standoffs and screws needed to fasten your M.2 style SSD(s) to the board in the original box. The standoffs and/or screws usually do not come affixed to the board.
    • Don’t remove the SSD stand-off and use it as a way to fasten it to the board. This is the #1 mistake I’ve seen this past year and can cause the board, SSD, or both to short out.
    • The SSD must also have a heatsink attached. If your board didn’t include one then buy one or your drive with throttle and have a decreased lifespan.

(4) Do NOT use the pigtail connector on PCI-E power connections.

(5) Do NOT install nVMe SSD with the standoff above the SSD as pictured. It’s supposed to be screwed into the standoff, not the standoff used as a screw.

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