Choosing the right PSU

When purchasing a power supply, it’s important to target the considered wattage around double what your load will be

To determine your load wattage, just use PC Part Picker to add all your components and see the total system wattage.

By doing this, and properly installing it in the correct orientation so that it can draw fresh air in from outside of the case, you can help ensure your power supply purchase will last through several builds. It’s also critical to clean the case filter that covers the intake regularly.

If you are planning a big graphics card upgrade down the road, check how much wattage it will use–it’s always cheaper to be prepared compared to buying another power supply.

I have seen many PC Power and Cooling, eVGA, and Corsair PSUs 10 years or older going strong because they are:

►Used with an appropriate load
►Operated at low ambient temperatures
►Cleaned on a regular basis as needed

The life of a capacitor DOUBLES for every 1-degree Celcius DECREASE in temperature

Arrhenius’ Law of Chemical Activity

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