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How to Undervolt Mobile Ryzen

  1. Download UXTU
  2. Extract to C:\Program Files\UXTU
  3. Run UXTU.exe
  4. Choose Balanced Preset
  5. Navigate to the Clock Control menu (speedometer icon, 5th from the top home button) 
  6. Under Curve Optimizer Settings, check the box next to CPU, and set a negative offset (good starting point to test stability would be -10)
  7. Click Apply Settings in the bottom right-hand corner, and test various synthetics or gaming loads. If you are stable at -10 for awhile, move to -15, then from -15, only drop 1 or 2 “points” to fine-tune if you have any BSODs or crashes. Remember each CPU is different.
  8. Once you’ve established a stable undervolt, navigate to General Settings (gear icon, 7th from the top home button), enable Start on System Boot, Start Minimized, and Auto Reapply, then Save Settings.
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macOS Ventura for Unsupported Macs

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Macs easily run Ventura with OpenCore. I also offer this as service, just submit a ticket.

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Are Best Buy computers defects?

Many of the ASUS and MSI models sold there are specifically ineligible for warranty extension.

Apple, Acer, HP, and Dell / Alienware on the other hand do offer extended warranties.

If the own manufacturer of the product won’t offer to extend the warranty on it then you shouldn’t buy it in the first place.

Gaming laptops fail or have issues within year 2 and year 3 of ownership so a 1 year warranty is totally useless.

ASUS Premium Care is not compatible with refurbished, open box, international, or products purchased from Best Buy. 

ASUS Premium Care Terms

MSI Care applies to laptops, desktops, all-in-one pcs, and monitors only. Not all services are available in all countries. Regional and product eligibility applies. Best Buy purchases are not eligible.

MSI Care Terms
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Time To Leave DDR4

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Adding nVMe Boot Support for 2012-2017 Dells

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iCue Sensor Configuration

By default my systems follow the GPU as it is the hottest running component by far for gamers. Should you encounter a CPU-only workload, you can change the cooling sensor from GPU to CPU.

Click the iCue icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen near the clock as pictured below, then follow the video to change the sensor.

BEWARE: I set the sensor to follow the GPU because the system doesn’t get enough cooling when following the CPU while gaming. Changing the sensor to CPU is only good for non-gaming workloads and will cause overheating in games!

If you are a gamer, you should leave it on GPU!

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macOS Monterey for Unsupported Macs

2012, 2013, and 2014 macs easily run Monterey with OpenCore. I also offer this as service, just submit a ticket.

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Microsoft Office Lifetime License for $50

Typically $349 for a forever license, this is significantly cheaper at $50. Compared to Office 365 subscription which is for 5 devices is $99/year or $69/year for 1 device, this is a much better deal.

Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows: Lifetime License

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Ryzen Curve Optimizer Tuning

WARNING: This guide does not cover stability or benchmark testing which must be done before and after this process to establish score improvements and stability.

  1. Upgrade motherboard BIOS to latest version
  2. Enable XMP and match FCLK to 1/2 of MCLK
    4000 = 2000 3800 = 1900 3600 = 1800
  3. Enable Precision Boost Overdrive, set limits to Disabled
  4. Enable Clock Override, set to 200MHz
  5. Save and exit BIOS. Boot to Windows.
  6. If your cooling setup follows the GPU, temporarily set it to follow CPU
  7. Download and Run Project Hydra
  8. Click Diagnostic, this will take up to 4 hours or more. Do not use the computer beyond web browsing during this time.
  9. Upon completion, review the final report in the Log, note the values, go back to BIOS Precision Boost menu, then set the Curve Optimizer to Per Core and configure the voltages. Try FAST, if you have any stability issues reduce to MID. If stability issues persist set to SAFE. If the value is negative, use negative on that core. If the value is positive, use positive on that core.

    Below is an example report of my 5600X which is running 4.85GHz on stock voltage.
    Do NOT use these settings, every CPU is different, they are listed for example purposes only:

(If you do not plan to use HYDRA)
C01 SAFE CO: -5 MID CO: -6 FAST CO: -7
C02 SAFE CO: -9 MID CO: -11 FAST CO: -14
C03 SAFE CO: -17 MID CO: -20 FAST CO: -25
C04 SAFE CO: -18 MID CO: -22 FAST CO: -28
C06 SAFE CO: -13 MID CO: -16 FAST CO: -20

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Blank screen with RTX 3000 Series GPU

RTX 3060 and RTX 3080 Ti are most typically affected by this issue, however it can affect any RTX 3000 series GPU.

The GPU needs to be updated: download and run the NVIDIA GPU Firmware Update Tool for DisplayID

If the GPU is a eVGA product, download, install, and run the eVGA Precision software to update the GPU firmware first.

Other brands should be checked on their manufacturer website for vBIOS updates as well.

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