The Works

Mr. Robot will systematically enhance every aspect of your computer with his industry-leading comprehensive service package

● System value and health assessment
Mr. Robot will ensure your computer and all of its components are healthy and worth investing in prior to completing any proposed work or upgrades.

● Recover existing windows license
If applicable, to prevent the expense of a new license associated with drive or motherboard replacement.

● Backup and Migrate Your Data
Includes Installed Applications (if desired/applicable ), Outlook (if desired/applicable), Desktop, Pictures, Music, Videos, Downloads, Internet Explorer / Chrome / Firefox Favorites, etc.

● Format Hard Drive/Solid State Drive
If you get a SATA SSD, Mr. Robot will activate RAPID mode for maximum system performance.

● Install Windows Latest Build + Updates
Mr. Robot gets rid of all the clunky tiles in the start menu so that it’s just a list to make it efficient and easy to navigate like Windows 7

● Custom System Recovery Partition Included
No matter how much you mess up your computer you can always reset it back to the way Mr. Robot returns it to you with all of these services completed!

As well as…

● Latest BIOS update
● Latest EC update
● Latest chipset management firmware update
● Latest GPU BIOS update
● Latest drivers
● Fully functional Office Suite with Updates (if desired)
● Adobe Reader & immunization against McAfee bloatware
● Latest Java (if needed) & immunization against Ask Toolbar Bloatware
● Google Chrome with AdBlock
● Redirect Bing to Google so Cortana searches appear in Google Chrome + Install Chrome Extensions AdBlocker + AdBlock Youtube + Chrometana
● ESET Antivirus Protection (only if infections are found, 30 day free trial)
● Immunize computer against billions of bad websites and exploits
● Lock out launch zones so malware cannot be run out of temporary files
● Anti-Rootkit Safeguards and Secure Boot Process
● Conversion of antiquated LEGACY / MBR style windows installations to SECURE BOOT / UEFI mode
● Clean up windows/office update temp files
● Tweak Windows for maximum performance
● Optimize windows startup entries
● The system is also cleaned with compressed air and specialized solvents.*

● Undervolt tuning
Helps get heat under control with gaming laptops

● Overclock tuning
Helps get more performance out of your system, especially an older or otherwise underpowered system

● Thermal service
If the system is overheating, for an additional charge, it will be cleaned, and the heat sink will be buffed to remove scratches, oxidization and smooth out the surface. This technique is called lapping. Then the inferior silicone factory thermal interface material will be replaced with a far superior product.

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut on a 10600k

The thermal interface material will be replaced with Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut or Conductonaut, depending on application, which are the best on the market with much longer lifespan (over 3x longer than the factory thermal interface material your computer came with) for significantly lower temps.

Most users see a massive reduction between 15-30C in load operating temperatures.

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