Mr. Robot repairs computers for way less than the competition; his repairs are thorough, affordable and cheaper than computer replacement.

Getting a repair through Mr. Robot is green for the environment, as it avoids e-Waste. It’s also less of an impact on your wallet as repair is only offered when economically sound. Mr. Robot will beat any competitor quote.

A vast majority of computer repair shops will avoid telling you when the bill exceeds the value of your computer. For Mr. Robot this isn’t the case.
He is completely transparent and will always keep you from wasting money on a computer that’s not worth fixing.

Mr. Robot has been fixing computers since 2003.

When you need to have your computer repaired, one of the first questions you ask is…

“Who can you trust?”

Many are unaware that a vast majority of computer repair services have technicians who are not experienced, certified, nor qualified to repair computers.

Worse still, they often misdiagnose issues and pilfer sensitive data.

Mr. Robot is experienced, certified, qualified, and provides every client with complete confidentiality.

Secure erase is performed on old drives to destroy all data beyond recovery, hardware, firmware and software level security analysis are completed on every system to make sure it isn’t infected or compromised.

What you need to know when hiring a technician:

1They are experienced and knowledgeable to meet your needs.

2All of your important files are going to be safe. e.g. desktop, pictures, documents, etc.

3Repairs to the computer will be done correctly and swiftly the first time.

4The cost to repair will be both competitive and affordable.

5They will be transparent when the repair cost exceeds the value of the system and when it is not worthwhile to repair.

Mr. Robot works hard to earn and keep the trust of his clients, and doesn’t take this responsibility lightly.

Mr. Robot’s guarantee is if it’s not fixed, you don’t pay.

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