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ASUS Scammed Us

Has ASUS scammed you? A lot of warranty rejections actually legally qualify as fraud.…


A new display fault that has been dubbed “Dustgate” is plaguing several MacBook Pro models.

The issue, which causes purple vertical lines to appear on screen when the MacBook lid is open at a certain angle, has been seen on several MacBook models, according to repair specialists.

“It’s a common problem, we get several of them a week,”


AI is transforming the world, and NVIDIA’s Bryan Catanzaro is here to talk about how DLSS is getting even better with Ray Reconstruction technology. Through a new neural network, Ray Reconstruction works on all GeForce RTX GPUs to enhance the image quality of intensive ray-traced content. DLSS puts two computers on your side: the NVIDIA supercomputer training the AI model, and the RTX GPU in your PC executing it in your game.

“GPU Busy” & Pipeline Technical Discussion

This video talks about new tools added to the Open Source PresentMon initiative, adding the capability to monitor a new metric called “GPU Busy.”

In the video, GamersNexus explains the rendering pipeline for frames, including discussion about game engines (e.g. Unreal Engine 5) CPU, GPU, and DirectX or API involvement in taking data and composing a frame presented to the player.

This is a technical discussion with Tom Petersen, Senior Fellow (engineering) at Intel, who explains the new tools and how they can be used by end users and reviewers alike.

As these are completely vendor agnostic and open source, GamersNexus can apply these to reviews of all CPUs or GPUs (in Windows), and likewise the users can run PresentMon for all hardware at home. Intel hardware is not required.

As background, PresentMon has already been around for many years now and is what many reviewers use for their benchmark and reviews process. Find PresentMon here:

Scumbag ASUS: Overvolting CPUs & Screwing the Customer

ASUS’ actions relating to the Exploding Ryzen CPU debacle are disgraceful and abrasive to the trust that the brand has earned. ASUS has demonstrated clearly it wishes to not only avoid supporting users, but actively engineers ways to abandon them. ASUS’ updates haven’t even fixed the problems, yet they posture as if they have while simultaneously suggesting that users ‘just run defaults’ on their $700 motherboards, as if that makes any sense whatsoever. So, to accommodate ASUS’ request, we ran defaults and re-benchmarked the Ryzen 7000 series. It sucks. Big surprise. They also don’t support their own BIOSes for the ASUS ROG boards.

Frore Systems AirJet: The Future of Cooling

During CES 2023 Gordon got a demo of AirJet – a potentially revolutionary solid state active cooling system for tech like laptops. In this video Gordon gets a tour of the labs at Frore Systems and follows up with Seshu Madhavapeddy, the Founder and CEO, about some of the biggest questions people had concerning this technology. He also gets to check out how the AirJet is tested for things like dust and reliability.

$6600 Nightmare Prebuilt Gaming PC – Corsair & Origin Genesis Review

In this review, we’re benchmarking the Origin Genesis ~$6000 pre-built gaming computer with full custom loop water cooling. Origin is owned by Corsair, and the pre-built we’re reviewing uses a mixture of Corsair components with boards from other brands. Its main problems include incorrect CPU configuration that costs over 20% of the native performance, bad fan speed configuration, bad custom paint job, and more. On the upside, the cable management is very impressive — we’ll have a separate tear-down showing some of that.

Avoid These PC Build Mistakes

There are a LOT of ways to mess up a gaming PC build . Here are the worst ones that I’ve come across over the years.

Pure Incompetence: $5,000 Pre-Built Gaming PC Filled with Mistakes (Skytech Mark 9)

We’re hugely disappointed in Skytech for not only dropping the ball, but also failing to recognize what went wrong when the answer was right in their faces. Skytech has done well in the past, but after this experience, it’s clear that the company needs some more SOPs and quality control internally for their staff. This was a $5,000 computer after shipping, making it one of the most expensive we’ve ever reviewed, and it’s arguably worse even than Alienware’s R13 efforts. The Skytech Mark 9 had backwards fans, was tested with the fans installed that way at the production line, has a bent cooler, some bloatware, and other issues. XMP isn’t even on and BIOS isn’t configured right.

How to update BIOS

Can’t boot? Use BIOS Flashback to update your BIOSFor instructions: How to use BIOS…

Choosing the right PSU

When purchasing a power supply, it’s important to know this component, if chosen correctly,…

Dell G5 5000 PC: Garbage Parts & Hidden Charges

Our Dell G5 5000 pre-built gaming computer review looks at quality & Dell’s shady billing practices. One video won’t be enough to contain all the issues we had with Dell’s prebuilt.

Helpful apps for gamers

This video talks about what to do with your PC after it’s been built. We talk about how to check CPU & GPU temperatures, bottlenecks, and our top programs for your PC (old or new!).


About time: Class action lawsuit filed against Apple5/9/2020 A class action lawsuit filed in…

Top 5 Build Mistakes

Thermally Constrained Case If it looks thermally constrained, it is and should be avoided.…

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