REQUIRED: If you have a custom built computer, please provide a complete list of the parts that were used with your ticket submission. You can find this in your email if you are the original purchaser.

If you purchased the computer secondhand or do not have the original purchase email(s), please download, install, and run Speccy, click File then Publish Snapshot and copy the link displayed to your ticket.

REQUIRED: If you have an Alienware, Apple, Dell, HP, or Lenovo, please run the integrated pre-boot diagnostics and provide the results displayed on your ticket.

Alienware/Dell: Power on, press F12 repeatedly, choose diagnostics with arrow keys and enter
Apple: Power on, hold D, connect to Wi-Fi as prompted, choose language, agree to terms
HP: Power on, press Esc repeatedly, when startup menu appears choose diagnostics (usually F2)
Lenovo: Power on, Press Enter, choose diagnostics or app menu then diagnostics

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