Ryzen Curve Optimizer Tuning

These steps will guide you to find the best and worst cores of your Ryzen automatically using Project Hydra to maximize your turbo clockspeed.

The paid version is needed for AM5 but free version is ok for Ryzen AM4. You can get it by supporting it’s developer, Yuri Bubliy (1usmus) on his patreon: https://www.patreon.com/1usmus

WARNING: This guide does not cover stability or benchmark testing which must be done before and after this process to establish score improvements and stability.

  1. Run Cinebench R23 and note the multi-core score.
  2. Upgrade motherboard BIOS to latest version.
  3. Enable XMP and match FCLK to 1/2 of MCLK
    4000 = 2000 3800 = 1900 3600 = 1800
  4. Enable Precision Boost Overdrive, set limits to Disabled
  5. Enable Clock Override, set to + 0MHz
  6. Save and exit BIOS. Boot to Windows.
  7. If your cooling setup follows the GPU, temporarily set it to follow CPU.
  8. Download and Run Project Hydra
  9. Click Diagnostic, this will take up to 4 hours or more. Do not use the computer beyond web browsing during this time.
  10. Upon completion, review the final curve optimizer values listed in the Log, screenshot or note the values.
  11. Go back to BIOS and enter the Precision Boost menu, then set the Curve Optimizer to Per Core and configure the voltages as noted from Log.
    Try FAST, if you have any stability issues reduce to MID.
    If any stability issues persist set to SAFE.
    If the value is negative, use negative on that core.
    If the value is positive, use positive on that core.
  12. Save and exit the BIOS.
  13. Run a benchmark like Cinebench R23 to compare against baseline performance.
  14. Experiment with clock boost override in 50MHz increments, running Cinebench after each adjustment to check for improvement / stability. Some CPUs may have stability issues or performance regression with any value while others can do 200MHz.

    Below is an example report of my 5600X which is running 4.85GHz on stock voltage.
    Do NOT use these settings, every CPU is different, they are listed for example purposes only:

    (If you do not plan to use HYDRA)
    C01 SAFE CO: -5 MID CO: -6 FAST CO: -7
    C02 SAFE CO: -9 MID CO: -11 FAST CO: -14
    C03 SAFE CO: -17 MID CO: -20 FAST CO: -25
    C04 SAFE CO: -18 MID CO: -22 FAST CO: -28
    C05 SAFE CO: 0 MID CO: 0 FAST CO: 1
    C06 SAFE CO: -13 MID CO: -16 FAST CO: -20
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