How to update BIOS

Can’t boot? Use BIOS Flashback to update your BIOS
For instructions: How to use BIOS Flashback

  1. Determine your motherboard make/model and pull up the site for it
    • Run the System Information app from Windows start menu
    • Ctrl+C Copy the line “BaseBoard Product” and paste it in google search.
    • The correct result is the first non-sponsored result from the domain of the manufacturer.
  2. Once there, you can find the BIOS located under the support section.
  3. Download the most recent BIOS.
  4. Insert a spare USB thumb drive, it must be formatted as FAT32.
    Some systems can read the BIOS file directly from the hard drive. If so, then extract the BIOS to your C:\ drive instead and skip step 5.
  5. Extract the BIOS you downloaded in step 3 to a USB thumb drive.
  6. Reboot the computer then press the Del key repeatedly until the BIOS menu appears.
  7. Navigate to the BIOS update section. It is named differently depending on what company manufactured your motherboard:
    Asus: EZ Flash Gigabyte: Q-Flash MSi: M-Flash
  8. Navigate to the BIOS update file you extracted in step 5 then press enter.
  9. The BIOS flash begins. It can take up to 10 minutes.
    Do not interrupt the process in any way, the system will automatically reboot itself when it completes or show a reboot prompt.

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