How to Reinstall Root Patches on Unsupported Macs

After updating macOS on a Mac with OCLP, you’ll need to reinstall root patches or the system will not function correctly.

You should receive a prompt to do it automatically:

If you clicked OK and rebooted as prompted, and performance is good, then nothing further is needed and you can skip the guide below.

If you have ignored it or clicked cancel, or completed it but are having performance issues, follow the guide below.

  1. Open Finder > Applications > OpenCore-Patcher
  2. Post-Install Root Patch
  3. Start Root Patching
  4. Reboot when prompted

For those running OCLP 0.6.8 or older ONLY

If the system was serviced prior to this release which is July 26 2023, follow the steps below FIRST then proceed with the above.

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