Completed Services

● Latest BIOS / SMC update**

● Install Windows / macOS***

● Migration of Data*

● Latest EC update**

● Latest LCD management firmware update**

● Latest chipset management firmware update**

● Latest GPU BIOS update**

● Latest system drivers
Even if your computers brand has forgotten about your system, I will find the latest drivers from more responsible brands with the same specs.

● Disable VBS for Gamers or Enable for non-Gamers
(Windows 11 Only)

For more information on how this protects your system, please visit:

● Adobe Reader & immunization against McAfee bloatware

● Google Chrome with anonymous statistics disabled

● Chrome Extensions AdBlock + AdBlock YouTube + MS Edge Redirect

● Redirect Bing to Google so Start Menu searches appear in Google Chrome

● Immunize computer against millions of bad websites and exploits with Spybot Anti-Beacon

For more information on how this protects your privacy, please visit:

● Lock out launch zones so malware cannot be run out of temporary files

● Proprietary EFI Anti-Rootkit Safeguards and Secure Boot Activation

● Conversion of antiquated LEGACY / MBR style windows installations to SECURE BOOT / UEFI mode**

● Clean up Windows update temp files

● Tweak Windows for maximum performance

● Optimize Windows startup entries

● Cleaned with compressed air and replace thermal interface material with Thermal Grizzy Kyronaut Extreme or Conductonaut for significantly lower temps.*****

● Custom System Recovery Partition Included (To wipe all user data and reset the system enter the boot menu and choose OneKey Recovery)****

* Data migration only if requested/recoverable. If not, the drive will be shredded using the
secure erase protocol for complete destruction of all previous data beyond recovery.

** If applicable.

*** 2011 and Earlier Mac Systems: Not Recommended, please visit Supported Models for service eligibility.
2012 and Later Mac Systems: The latest version of macOS will be installed on your system even
if Apple has blocked you from updating to the latest version by using OpenCore Legacy Patcher
Windows systems
Intel 7th Gen and Earlier/AMD Bulldozer: Windows 10
Intel 8th Gen and Later/AMD Zen: Windows 11

**** Windows systems only. Boot menu is F12 on most systems, Lenovo is Novo Button/Pinhole or Enter then F12, ASRock & MSi is F11, HP is Esc then F9 or F10.
For a complete list of potential boot menu keys visit:

***** Applies if system is found to be overheating. If your system is running within spec, this service is not offered. Additional labor may apply.

All hardware upgrade warranties are matched to cover labor. e.g. If you got a SSD the warranty is 5 Years.

Important Links for Custom Builds:
iCue Sensor Configuration
Ryzen Curve Optimizer Tuning

If you have any questions following your service, please feel free to call, text, email, or submit a ticket.

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