Terms of Service

Labor Pricing Policy

All labor quotes factor in a certain recycle value for your non-working part(s) that are being replaced to help minimize costs and control proper disposal.

Mr. Robot meets zero electronic waste guidelines through recycling and salvage.

We secure erase old drives that are being recycled to protect your data, for free.

We use a e-Steward certified electronics recycler.

In the event that you want to retain your old hardware, the labor discount is forfeited and your labor charge will go up.

Most labor discounts are for hard drives and memory, other hardware such as motherboards have a highly variable discount. If you are curious what discount we are applying to your quoted labor cost, feel free to ask.

Shop Materials

Some services are subject to material charges, including but not limited to:

-Coollaboratory Liquid Metal thermal interface material $12.99+tax

-Compressed Air

-CR2032 Coin Cell BIOS Battery

Hardware Failure Policy

If your computer has hardware fail during a diagnostic or repair, we are not responsible for replacement of the failed component. The same applies if we discover hidden physical damage that must be fixed. It’s rare but it does happen sometimes.

For example, sometimes systems undergoing solid state drive upgrades have another component fail such as a battery, logic board, drive cable, etc.

In another example, sometimes laptops that endured physical damage do not physically exhibit any signs and we don’t discover the damage until we open it up for repairs.

The most common manifestation of this is with hinges on laptops, which tend to disintegrate after physical distress, or even just with normal use especially on certain models like the Dell Inspiron 7559 or 3542

Diagnostic Abuse Policy

Those who utilize the free diagnostic for a free answer with no intention of actually getting it repaired are charged a nominal fee.

In the event they decide to proceed with the repair, the fee will be applied as a credit towards the repair.

Abandonment Policy

Customers who do not claim their unrepaired property for 30 days consent to have their data destroyed and property recycled through a e-Steward certified electronics recycler.

Data Retention Policy

If requested, customer drive data is held for 30 days to ensure the ability to revert you to your old drive in the event that you may want to revert. We will not keep your data beyond 30 days from time of service unless you ask us to, like for an upcoming transition to a new computer. After 30 days, or immediately if not requested, we shred your data using military standard data destruction tools.

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