How to disable a broken touchscreen

When you have a broken touchscreen it will typically create phantom touches making the system unusable. Fortunately, the touch screen can be individually disabled on any Windows laptop.

By disabling only the touch screen in device manager, you can avoid a costly screen replacement in some scenarios where the display is still usable and/or you’d like to at least return the system to a usable state until you can get the screen replaced.

Alternatively, disabling the touch screen could mean that you can use the system with an external display such as a monitor or TV as an interim solution or to avoid replacing the touch screen altogether.

Follow the steps below to disable the touch screen using only your keyboard, you can alternatively use a mouse if possible:
  1. Press Win + X keys together, then M
    Device manager will open
  2. Press Tab key to highlight the device tree, then use the arrow keys to find Human Interface Devices then right arrow to expand it, select HID-compliant touch screen, press the menu key then use the arrow keys to select Disable device and press Enter
    see photos below for example, also you need to hold Fn key to use Menu key on some systems

  3. You will get a warning prompt for disabling the device, press Alt + Y keys together to choose Yes.

The touchscreen is no longer creating phantom input

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