How to Undervolt Mobile Ryzen

NOTICE: For ASUS laptops, please use G-Helper instead, for more details see: ASUS Laptop Undervolting – Mr. Robot

  1. Download UXTU
  2. Install
  3. Run
  4. Choose Balanced Preset
  5. Navigate to the Clock Control menu (speedometer icon, 5th from the top home button) 
  6. Under Curve Optimizer Settings, check the box next to CPU, and set a negative offset (good starting point to test stability would be -10)
  7. Click Apply Settings in the bottom right-hand corner, and test various synthetics or gaming loads. If you are stable at -10 for awhile, move to -15, then from -15, only drop 1 or 2 “points” to fine-tune if you have any BSODs or crashes. Remember each CPU is different.
  8. Once you’ve established a stable undervolt, navigate to General Settings (gear icon, 7th from the top home button), enable Start on System Boot, Start Minimized, and Auto Reapply, then Save Settings.
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