How to Undervolt Intel-based Laptops

Every gaming laptop has too much voltage going to the processor from the factory.

This can be decreased by up to 200mV (millivolts) or more to significantly reduce the operating temperatures and improve sustained clock speeds / performance.

The increased thermal headroom afforded by reducing the voltage translates to higher sustained clock speeds than with more voltage.

Computer manufacturers do this intentionally to decrease the lifespan of the product.

On average 20-30% FPS improvement in games + 20-30% reduced operating temperatures.

Below are guides to undervolt, however the exact voltage reduction for your particular processor can be found only via extensive testing or by hiring Mr. Robot. Submit a Ticket.

8750H / 8th Gen

9750H / 9th Gen

10750H / 10th Gen: Requires BIOS MOD

Enable undervolting on your Dell XPS 9500/9510/9700/9710 (or others) – Dell – NotebookTalk

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